Papercut Anima, Make, Wear, Repeat

One thing I have noticed about the items I have made so far this year, is how many repeats there have been.  I actually haven't added many patterns to my collection at all this year.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for fabric but this also I am trying to remedy.

Papercut Anima is a firm favourite of mine and what luck that the trend towards trackies is still going strong in rtw because these are my afterwork tnt pants.  They are comfortable for around the house and also tidy enough to walk the dog or pop down to the supermarket.  For this version I used a piece of brushed knit that looks like sweatshirting but actually has no cotton content.  It is a lovely weight and despite its synthetic content seems to be a quality fabric.  I bought it on the sale table at Fabric Vision and paid from memory around $8 per metre.  I bought it in the summer and put it aside for this project.

As this is my 11th pair of these pants (wow has there really been that many), I think I could have made these with my eyes closed.  Like the last pair I made, I chose to trim the pockets in a contrasting fabric.  Courteney found this piece of striped tee shirting knit in her fabric stash that actually matches perfectly.  It also works really well for the waistband because unlike the solid colour it is quite lightweight and much easier to work with.  I also used this fabric for the pocket linings.  I chose to leave off the cord in the waistband because from experience I just don't use it.  

Will this pattern be used again?  Undoubtedly it will,  in fact I have another piece of fabric put aside for another pair but maybe for next winter because for now I am quite well supplied.

Arggh, can I just add a disclaimer about my photographs at this time of the year.  The shaded areas are really dark and the sun is really bright.  So like every other winter since I began blogging, I struggle to get the right lighting hence the growing pile of unblogged items.  


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