Thread Theory Finlayson

Last year I purchased some Thread Theory patterns in their online sale.  I had full intentions of making them up but sewing for myself got in the way.  When Courteney found out they were printed and ready to go, she was keen to give them a try.  Rather than buy some sale table fabric to try out the Finlayson Sweater though, she chose some brushed merino from The Fabric Store.  This could have proved a risky strategy but fortunately it worked out really well.  For version one, she opted to make the shawl collar version in blue merino for Michael.  The neckline is a little bit low, so to avoid gaping, Courteney added a button and a loop closure.  Although Michael really likes the blue version, he isn't convinced by the shawl collar so Courteney is hoping it grows on him.

After making version one of the Finlayson, Courteney was keen to try the hooded version.  Rather than trial it on merino, this time she used some brushed sweatshirting from the sale table at Fabric Vision.  For the hood, she used some cotton knit tee shirting that was also found on the Fabric Vision sale table.  For the ties Courteney used shoe laces and added leather ends to stop them pulling through the eyelets.

Michael really likes this one and it has become a favourite.

Version three of the Finlayson started out with some merino from The Fabric Store.  It is an olive colour and to give the colour a lift Courteney added a yoke of quilted sweatshirting knit.  She matched the navy yoke with some navy tee shirting and cording for the hood.

Next on Courteney's list was her youngest brother.  Joel at 13 is a bit small for this pattern which seems to be the story of his life at the moment, a bit small for rtw mens and too big for kidswear.  My solution was to print the pattern out at 90%.  Joel wasn't sure about a handmade sweatshirt.  He is at that age that rtw like his mates is preferable.  He was however powerless against the will of his sister and she was keen to prove that she was up to the challenge of a more quality item.  This time round, she not only added the quilted yoke, but a small vegan leather patch as well.  So Joel, what do you think of your sweatshirt now?

Joel may look rather disturbed or perhaps even disturbing in the photo above, but the fact he wears this new hoodie on a regular basis proves that he does actually quite like it.  The way he tells it though, is because it lives on his floor (he isn't kidding about that one), it is usually the first top he finds.


  1. Love all of these. The quilted yoke is a lovely detail. My hubby hates hoods and is not keen on the shawl collar either. I'm tempted to get this pattern and try to change the neckline to a simple V neck. Great fabric combinations too.

    1. It probably wouldn't be that hard especially if you had a good v neck pattern already.

  2. These all look amazing, you daughter is as talented as you!
    I made Hugo two of these and he lost one, at footy training. The fellas all left their jumpers in a pile and the next day, only Hugo's was gone. We both hope someone took it and is wearing it rather then a dog grabbing just that one.

  3. Lucky fellows. Superb sweatshirts!


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