Vogue 1247 in Printed Denim

I have made another version of my modified Vogue 1247 skirt pattern.  This time in a printed stretch denim.

The fabric came from the remnant table at Fabric Vision.  I didn't have quite enough for the waist band so needed to cut that from another denim from my stash.  

I added an exposed zip to the back of the skirt and chose the gold colour to match the gold print on the denim.  Unfortunately I cut the waistband too small so once I completed the skirt and realised that if I sat down it would have cut me in half, I unpicked it and added a small extension to the point I felt it was least visible.  Given that I usually bag my tops at the back, I felt it wouldn't be seen anyway.  As usual I pegged the side seams and added a walking vent.  To finish the skirt I added a jean button.

This skirt is a very useful addition to my winter wardrobe and one that will get worn a ton in both winter and spring.  I think I better get my act together and make a few more now, because most of my current ones are feeling a little tight.

Please note, these photos were taken after a day at work so there is the odd wrinkle in the skirt.  I have so many unblogged projects at the moment, I really need to take every opportunity to get photos so after work today, I set up my tripod in the garden before it got too dark.


  1. You can never go wrong with denim skirts and I really like the interesting pattern. I have done the same thing with waist bands but wasn't smart enough to try conceal the seam. Have you kept count on many skirts you have made from the vogue pattern now?

    1. Actually I have lost count but I think this may be number 12!

  2. Very cute!
    I like to peg my skirts too, I like the shape of this.


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