Sewaholic Granville Version 4

 This shirt has been a while in the making.  When I visited Sydney last year, top of my shopping wish list was a trip to Tessuti Fabrics.  It nearly didn't happen because we only had a rental car for two days and after we dropped it off the logistics of public transport with 2 boys in tow who were less than keen to say the least, began to hurt my head.  It wasn't until the last day that I suddenly realised that they had a shop in downtown Sydney and what is more, it was only a block from my hotel.  After I had worn the boys out sightseeing on the last day, I deposited them at the hotel and set out on my fabric buying adventure without them.  I actually had no plans in mind to buy anything at all but I did manage to find a few gems and this piece is one of them.  The fabric in question, is a piece of Italian cotton shirting.  It has a lovely soft almost satiny finish to it and I knew straight away that it was destined to be a Sewaholic Granville.

My last version of Sewaholic Granville is a little tight across the shoulders and chest so for this version, I printed out a size up.  I was feeling very happy about this decision until I realised after cutting out my fabric that somehow I managed to mess up the printing part way through when the ink ran out and my size 8 was printed the same size as the size 6 that was too small....eeek!

The only way to try to counteract my stupidity was to reduce my seam allowances and this is exactly what I did.

I did make one change to the pattern during construction and that was to cut the back in one piece so I didn't have to match all of those pesky stripes.  I simply overlapped my pattern pieces and included a fish eye dart for my shaping.

I am really happy with my latest version of this shirt.  Somehow I managed to get the fit spot on but I do have one small gripe.  There is some pulling in the stitching in my dart from straining when I sit at my desk.  I think in the future I will save this pattern for stretch fabrics.


  1. It is a beautiful classic shirt that you will be able to wear for years which knowing tessuti prices you will want. They do have special fabric though. It seems that most seamstresses love buying fabric as a holiday souvenir . I still have heaps from a trip to China but I find it so hard to cut into it.

    1. Tessuti do have expensive fabric but I do like the quality which is why I wanted to go for a timeless style.


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