Christmas Day Dress

 Before Christmas I had been trying to resist the temptation to buy more sewing patterns, which seems to be a regular state of affairs for me, when I caved in in the buying frenzy which seems to come with Christmas and bought a stack of Vogue patterns in one of their online sales.  Postage to New Zealand is horrendous even for sewing patterns and at $25, I really wanted to get the best value for my postage money.  I really like wrap dresses and seem to have acquired a few over time but because of the current popularity of Vogue 9251 and the rave reviews, this one managed to make the cut.  Actually if the truth be known, this pattern was the driver for my purchase in the first place.  As much as I love Victory Patterns, Nicola, I do find the wrap is not quite as generous as it could be,  the neckline is quite revealing and being comfort is the biggest driver of my clothing choices, I was more than keen to try something different especially since I was planning a more casual looser summer dress.

Because I still had the fabric I won through Maria of How Good Is That and Manerva Crafts and knowing that Maria had used this fabric to make her lovely version of the Nicola dress, this became my go to fabric for Vogue 9251.

After carefully measuring my pattern and comparing my measurements I selected my size.  Given the ease that is factored in to the big 4 patterns, I find that measuring is essential to achieve the best fit.  I ended up grading between two sizes which is quite normal for me, the smaller on the top and larger for the skirt.

I have to say that this pattern is extremely quick to sew up which was a very good thing given I had checked the weather forecast and discovered that Christmas Day was going to be in the early 30s and I was spending the day at my Mother in laws house away from both aircon and a swimming pool.  I began this dress two days before Christmas in amongst the last minute shopping trips and holiday prep.  I managed to finish it the same day and was pleased that I lasted the day without looking too frazzled.  In all the rush  I only managed a quick phone photo so took the dress with my on my beach holiday and coerced my daughter into taking a couple of photos for me on a somewhat blustery day.

Would I make this pattern again?  Yes, I think I would if I found the need for yet another wrap dress.   The fit is good and it is easy to wear.  I did find the neckline was a little plunging for my liking but this was quickly fixed with a hook and eye.  The large print is not really suitable for work so this dress will be more of a weekend barbeque type of dress and given my usual weekend attire is shorts and some sort of tee or sleeveless top, I probably won't be repeating the pattern any time soon.

On a side note, I had the opportunity today to meet up with Lara of Thornberry, who I have been following for nearly 7 years now.  She had been holidaying in New Zealand with her family and we had a lovely time chatting over coffee.  Thank you Lara for giving up some of your precious holiday time to meet up with me.  Sewing is such a solitary hobby and other than my daughter and sisters, it wasn't until recently that I met anyone else who sews.  My kids have often said to me that I don't know the people that I follow on the internet, even though sometimes I feel like I do.  After the very first Christchurch meet up in November and now meeting Lara today, I can actually say that I do!


  1. wow I love that dress, it is so pretty and a great fit.

  2. Hi Andrea . I feel the same way. When I go to Fabric Vision & The Fabric Store you seem to see the same people in there buying fabric but that's it. Years ago there use to be sewing clubs in town (pre earthquake) but they seem to have disappeared. Maybe everyone is just too busy in their life. So you end up reading blogs from overseas to get inspirations and tips etc. Hopefully in the next couple of years groups might start reappearing.. I sometimes struggle to find the time to sew, but have decided that 2018 is going to be the year that I get back into it properly. Plus I have so much material, I really need to declutter. But who can say no to some of the gorgeous fabrics that are around. Cotura Fabrics is another go to of mine, thanks to you. June is so lovely to deal with and I always find something that gets added to the collection to be sewn at a later date. I follow Lara"s blog as well, she certainly makes some lovely clothes. Happy Sewing Sue.

    1. We are working on getting a Christchurch group together so hopefully word will spread. Good luck with your sewing plans.


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