More Unintentional Christmasy Pyjamas

For my second pair of Christmasy pyjamas I used an unknown to me vintagy sort of big four pattern.  I can't remember the exact one but it was one of those pyjama and dressing gown combined patterns.  I haven't even bothered to dig out the pattern to work out what it was because I am fairly sure I will never use it again. I used the op shop rayon and the  knit from the previous pair.  These pants turned out massive.  I chose my usual size but must have removed around 5cm from both the fronts and backs and narrowed the legs by about the same before I actually had a pair of pants worthy of wearing even at bed time.

The top on the other hand was easy.  I simply used my Tessuti Lola/Tessuti Alexa frankenpattern which is essentially Tessuti Lola but run in at the sides to match Tessuti Alexa with the neckline raised by about 3cms.  I then just added a decorative pocket to the front in my rayon pants fabric.

When I was finished, I had about half a metre left in various pieces so rather than throw it into the overflowing scrap bin, I made a couple of pairs of undies with it using my tnt McCall's 5400 swimwear pattern.  While I was at it, I relieved my scrap bin of a second piece left over from my Stylearc Kylie knit top.


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