More Christmas Sewing

Mum and I really don't do gift giving as such any more but I do like her to have something to open on Christmas Day so each year I make her something.  Usually the gifts I make are more of a 'its the thought that counts' kind of  gift than anything of any value and this year was no exception. 

Mum is a NZ/AU size 8 in clothing and this is quite hard to come by for elderly women so Mum struggles to find clothing that doesn't swamp her.   She loves to walk and spends as much time as she can in her garden.  She also tries to avoid the sun in the summer as well which is why I chose to make her capri pants and a tee this year.

Both fabrics came from my stash.  The tee fabric was a lovely cotton lycra left over from one of the tees I made for myself in the spring.  The pants were made out of a long time stash resident woven cotton lycra drill like fabric.  It is quite heavy so not suitable for really hot weather but it does have a lovely feel and good recovery.

The top pattern is Tessuti Alexa which is a well documented favourite of mine.  For Mum though, I cut an extra small and narrowed the neckline slightly as well.  Other than that, I made it pretty much to the pattern.

The pants are Stylearc Elle which is another well used pattern in my collection.  I have already made Mum a pair of Elle capris last Christmas so I had all the necessary measurements to run these up relatively quickly.  To make them more casual I did add jean pockets to the back and a fake fly at the front.  To achieve the capri look I added vents using this tutorial from Pattern Scissors Cloth.

Although I don't have any photos of Mum wearing her Christmas outfit, she assures me she is really pleased with them and that I have nailed the fit.


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