Revisiting Jalie 3247

Before Christmas Courteney requested a new bikini.  I didn't think too much of it until a week before Christmas when I was struggling to find a something to top up her gift.  Surprisingly I did have a bit of time left to make said bikini and also even everything I needed in my stash.  She particularly liked the last bikini I made using Jalie 3247 which strictly speaking is not a swimwear pattern but easy enough to adapt.

I started with a remnant of fabric left over from a pair of jammers of Joel's from his squad days.  There was just enough fabric to make a top.  I actually ran my fabric choice past her brothers at the time and they quickly vetoed my choice, reasoning that it was quite juvenile.  Hmmm, not to be deterred, I decided to run the fabric past the recipient herself, who actually saw the fun side of the fabric and agreed I had made the right choice.  So much for this being a surprise!

I had recently picked up a piece of royal blue nylon lycra on the sale table at Fabric Vision so this I ear marked for the bottoms.  At this point I had full intention of making her a racer back top like her previous pair but once I had pulled out the pattern, I decided to give view C a go.  I really liked the double strap and the way it was woven at the back and since the bikini itself and the fabric choice were no longer a surprise, I decided to change the style up a bit.

Because this pattern is designed to be made with fold over elastic, I added seam allowances to all of the edges on the pattern and used swimwear elastic for durability.  I fully lined the entire top and butchered a new bra, that I hastily bought without trying on and didn't fit, for the foam.  I sandwiched this between both layers in the top and topstitched down.

To make the straps, I used the normal rouleaux straps pattern and stitched 8mm rubber swimwear elastic onto them before turning them through.  This ensured the straps were durable enough for the rigours of actual swimming which was the whole purpose of this style of suit in the first place.

For the pants, I used my tnt underwear and bikini bottom pattern, McCall's 5400, which I also fully lined.  This pattern has been used so many times now, I have lost count but it is always my go to bikini bottom pant pattern of choice.

I was pleased to find on Christmas Day that the bikini did in fact fit and Courteney was really pleased with it.  As you can see in these photos, it was given a good trial on our recent beach holiday in Kaiteriteri.


  1. Great bikini , those straps are so good aren't they. I feel like you get great value from the Jalie patterns with all the different views and sizes.

    1. You do get value for money with the sizing. I find there drafting really good as well.

  2. I do like this bikini and love the back.

    I have been wondering if I should start making bikinis for my kids who will soon be big enough to need more interesting ones than are available in the shops. And I'd get some practice time in before they developed a more, um, discerning eye lol. I shall check our Jalie though I may already have a leotard kinda job that'll possibly work.

    1. Swimwear can be a bit daunting but actually is quite easy to make.


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