Happy Mothers Day!

It started out as a very simple Mothers Day.  All I wanted was  not to have to do any housework and perhaps the chance to do a little sewing.    My reality was very different!  Courteney made me a new dressing gown.  In the school holidays, she made this somewhat secretly while I was at work.  The trouble came when this fabric shed from one end of the house to the other, and no amount of vacuuming would remove the evidence.  I knew something was up, when she picked me up from work with blue fluff all through her hair!

The pattern Courteney used was the dressing gown from Simplicity 3696.  I hadn't made this up before, but had had great success with the pyjama pattern.  Courteney didn't like the band at the neckline and redrafted it to match my existing dressing gown which had a proper collar.  She came a little unstuck when the fabric stretched out of shape but after a quick tutorial on the merits of iron on interfacing, the project was completed smoothly.  Both Courteney and I are really happy with the way this project turned out.   Now I plan on returning the favour with a little project involving satin and organza.

I was a little spoilt today.  The boys bought me chocolate, including white chocolate which is my favourite but I also gifted myself a new laptop after the mother board on my current one decided to fry earlier in the week.  This has rather hampered my Me Made May efforts but rest assured photos have been taken and a catch up post is eminent.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I never did get my sewing time today!   


  1. How absolutely lovely that your daughter went to all that effort for you. I live in hope that my boys might make me something one day, but I doubt it will be sewn! Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day. I too tried to snatch some sewing time but only managed a few minutes here and there. I'm reminding myself to savour this family time and not worry about me time too much!

    1. My boys are much the same. I think I get chocolate because they can help me eat it!

  2. I love the dressing gown, the colour is lovely.


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