Me Made May Day's 11 and 12

Day 10 was Saturday, which mean't a very casual day of kid's rugby followed by some shopping.  For the rugby, I swapped the ankle boots for a pair of Teva insulated boots because the park is getting very muddy.

Today, I am wearing my latest version of Sewaholic Renfrew. This time I have made it in a 80% wool 20% nylon sweater knit bought from Cotura Fashions at the end of last winter at the princely cost of $6 per metre.  I added an extra 1cm to both the side seams and the arm inseam because I wanted to wear it over another layer.  I also omitted the hip band in favour of a twin needled hem.

On Sunday, Mothers day, I started out in the same jersey for a day of housework  (yes I know it was Mothers day but with a chaotic week ahead, I had to get a running start) but this time with Anita Ponti printed pants and white Maria Denmark tee.  The wool jersey lasted, well maybe half an hour after this photo was taken and by 10am was discarded as the temperature rose to a very warm 25 degrees celcius.  

You can just see the reflection of my son in the glass doors as he waited patiently for me to take the photo so he could sweep up all of those leaves!


  1. Me Made May has made me realise that I need more cowl-necked Renfrews in my wardrobe - two just isn't enough. Love that colour!

    1. I agree. It is such a staple for me in the cooler months.

  2. I like how you've made the renfrew as an outer wear - I have the pattern in my to do list but was only thinking of making basic garments for wearing under things. Perhaps I should rethink.


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