Autumnal Sewaholic Alma and Me Made May Day's 9 and 10

No, this is not a bad photograph, just a very foggy morning!  This photo was taken at 8am and I was going to wait until later in the day for the sun to shine, but hey, keeping it real people!

Day 9 was another work day so I wore my linen frankenpattern dress and for added warmth in the morning, because this dress has short sleeves, my black merino cardigan.

On day 10, I remembered to participate in the mini challenge which was craft space related, although I can't remember the exact words now...see that is what happens when you post so far after the fact!  Anyho, here is part of my craft space.  The area where my machine lives as well as my coverstitch machine.  My commercial overlocker lives in our garage which can be inconvenient especially in the dead of winter.

You might have noticed the blouse which hasn't appeared here
before.  This is another Sewaholic Alma made using some lovely cotton from an op shop fabric haul that I seem to have neglected posting about...woops!  This time however, I have made the sleeves long instead of short.  I did have to shorten the length by about 5cm but other than this, it was made a straight size 6 as per my previous versions.

My one complaint with this sleeved version, is that the sleeves make the blouse feel a little tight across my back and chest. I perhaps could have gone up a size, or maybe because it lacks back pleats like most long sleeve blouses, it is just the style of it.  On the whole though, I am really happy with it and it goes beautifully with my new green and pink striped pencil skirt that I wrote about last week.


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