Me Made May Days 17 - 22

Can I just start by apologising for the Olympic length Me Made May post that I am about to inflict on you, my readers.  Last week was a big week with Mr Epiphanies in Sydney for work and with me working 5 days a week also and flying solo, last week had it's trials.  I am still playing catchup and this week is all but over.

Day 17 was Friday, and since my office doesn't do casual Friday, per say, I thought it was about time they did. For the first casual Friday, I thought I would introduce the concept gently, and test the waters with my original ponti pants adapted from Style Arc Laura leggings pattern, teamed with a rather formal rtw shirt and Jade wool blazer made using New Look 6035, oh and new suede ankle boots.  No one in my office complained so I will have to see what I can come up with this week!

Day 18 was Saturday and it was one of those grey drizzly days that make you just want to do inside things.  Not so, though!  I had to rug up warm and head out to the rugby paddock.  I switched out the new boots for some outdoor style boots so as not to ruin my new ones in the mud.  These ones were reserved for the afternoons fabric shopping trip with my daughter.

Today I am wearing a wool version of Vogue 8771.  This is one of my favourite jerseys but I need to cover the neck with a scarf because sadly it is too big for my liking.

Day 19, was Sunday.  It was another miserable day, although you wouldn't notice from the photo.  My covered patio is good for winter as well as summer!  Today I am wearing my favourite Sewaholic Renfrew and me made hand knitted cardigan coat for another round of fabric shopping, and a little sewing plus the requisite weekend domestic chores.

Monday and another working week saw a repeat from day 7.  This is my favourite dress so wearing it only once this month was too bigger ask.  I have found my boiled wool Sewaholic Minoru makes the perfect light weight but warm jacket to get me to and from work.

On Tuesday, I wore a me made dress and tee, but I am sure this will be repeated next week so I will leave it until then to add the links. Because it rained agaaaiiin (we are certainly making up for a rainless summer), I wore my Goretex Simplicity 2153 raincoat.

Yesterday, day 22, I wore this Butterick 5672 dress made in blue ponti knit.  I don't wear this dress quite as often as I might, because it is very fitted and I feel a little self conscious wearing it.  Looking at the photos of me wearing it, I am not sure why but it just isn't a favourite.

All of this brings us back to today and I haven't actually got round to taking my picture.  I better though before the sun disappears!


  1. What a bunch of great outfits! I don't know why the blue dress isn't your fabvorite. I think it looks wonderful on you. It is a bit more dressy than all your other outfits, maynbe that is why.

  2. Thank you! Yes it could be that too, or because of the formal style of it married with a knit is an odd combination.


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