Me Made May Days 26 to 29

The day after the night before, my energy and imagination were seriously lacking.  A little housework and a walk in the fresh air to blow away the cob webs was in order.  Today, I am wearing black Jalie jeanspink Sewaholic Renfrew, and black wool Jalie hoody.

Now as Me Made May draws to a close, I am running out of fresh me made items.  This dress was made in the very early days of my blog.  It is a bit of a mash up of a couple of patterns and while it is still very wearable, it's days are numbered as it is getting a little tired. It has served me well over the last couple of winters, but this year may well be the last.  For work on Monday, I wore it with my striped Butterick 5562 top.

Tuesday dawned cold and I mean really cold.   The day started with a 2 degree start and ominous dirty brown clouds on the horizon.  The excitement grew as the promise of snow looked more and more likely.  We were rewarded with rain and hail but alas no snow, not yet anyway.  A cold day though demanded seriously warm work gear and this merino dress proved to be the best solution.  It is the only me made item I wore today because practicality won over me made items.

The weather has warmed up considerably and it wouldn't be hard, so for work again and to cheer on my youngest son while he represented his school in the primary schools zonal cross country, I chose yet another practical solution in the form of my favourite skirt ever!


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