A Grey Week

Please excuse my expression in this photo.  I do rather look like I am half asleep...perhaps I am.

I finally got the last spotty child back to school yesterday after a never ending bout of chicken pox.  Aparently returning to High School with spots is akin to social suicide. 

This week is the last week of the school term and this week is also the last week my youngest will be 7, so I am also preparing a birthday....it is a big deal turning 8 you know.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse so parading around in my spring attire is not going to happen.  The picture above was taken last week when we were actually experiencing a spring.  The skirt is rtw but the top was made using Simplicity 4539 and a small piece out of my leftovers bin.  To make the top a little more interesting I added a ruffle down the front.  It is a little boring I know, but we all need these tried and true type of shirts in our wardrobes for those lack of inspiration kind of mornings.


  1. Cute Tshirt, and I'm glad your children are now better. Sorry it has gone cold for you again, it is warming up beautifully here. Today felt positively hot; the first day I've gone barefoot during the day; yay for summer!!


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