Look, No Black!

While not trying to banish black from my wardrobe completely, I definitely need to see more colour.  This is one thing that taking my photograph for blogging has taught me.  Grey is pretty close to black but this is definitely a shift for me.

Today I am wearing my Jalie Jeans version two I posted about here .  I am also wearing a top made using New Look 6179.  This is some of the Op Shop fabric I posted about here.  It is a kind of taffeta in a pink and orange tie dye.  I really like the fabric but my daughter informs me she thinks it feels like a shower curtain...."thanks dear".  While the fit of the blouse is quite nice because it has shape and doesn't overwhelm me, I am a little disappointed that it is a little snug especially around the hips. It is Op Shop fabric so really no big deal.  I will make it again but I will add some width to the body next time.


  1. This looks like a great spring top, and you've got a fabulous fit with your jeans!
    Enjoy the victory parade tomorrow - we're just back from the Queen Street one and it was magnificent!

  2. These colours are so wonderful on you! I think with your hair colour you might be more of a "spring" than a "winter", so this is just gorgeous!!


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