A Black Day....

but in a good way!

My kids got a taste of the rugby World Cup yesterday when the victory parade came to town.  They donned all of their black gear and plastered themselves in All Blacks temporary tatoos and joined the parade.  They were most excited that their heroes were close enough to touch.....and they did!  They high fived anybody that was within reach and my oldest son was responsible for the above photos.  It was a nice finale to a great tournament.

 All Black jerseys are a little thin on the ground in my wardrobe but I had no trouble finding a little black for the occasion.  Yesterday I was wearing my first pair of Jalie jeans blogged about here and my second attempt at a cardigan.  This time I used the back and sleeve of Simplicity 2603 and cut a front using a rtw out of my wardrobe.  I added a band to the front and to the cuffs and it looks much more finished than the Style Arc version I posted about here.  I am really pleased with the result and will use this pattern again.


  1. How nice for your children that they got up so close to their heroes like that! Your new cardigan is lovely, and suitably "all black" for your country's day of celebration!

  2. We watched the game on the telly as my husband is a big rugby fan (he grew up in Malaysia) - I can just imagine he might have been a bit like your kids! Your jeans are really nice. One day I will tackle pants ...

  3. Interesting....I didn't realise rugby was popular in Malaysia. You learn something new every day. Pants aren't that scary once you get the pattern right. I am really impressed with the Jalie but did read all of the reviews before buying it.


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