Seeing Red Over Learner Drivers

I was conned!  No doubt about it!  When my daughter first got her learners licence I made it perfectly clear that my nerves would not stand up to driving lessons.  I avoid all of the adrenalin fueled rides at theme parks like the plague and this was one adrenalin fueled ride I was not prepared to get on.  My husband, always the first in the queues at the theme parks could not wait to jump into the passenger seat and impart his driving knowlege or lack thereof.  Yesterday, they came home from another lesson full of confidence.  They sat at the gate and honked the horn until I was forced to see what all of the fuss was about.  I eventually played their silly game and complied before being very much coerced into seeing how progess was going.  Foolishly, I hopped into the car....admittedly against my better judgement, but we all like to show an interest and stroke our kids egos, right!  Aparently she was great, even perhaps one step away from fronting up at Bathurst.  What they didn't mention was that I was in immenent danger from parked cars, oncoming, I sat there white knuckled while I took the longest ride of my life around the block.  When my daughter finally unceramoniously pulled up at our gate, I was so rattled, I even parked the car on the wrong side of our garage.  That is one experience I am not keen on repeating....come back and see me about driving when you have your restricted licence dear!

While my oldest was driving me around the bend over the weekend, my youngest turned 8.  I made him a cake, a Rugby World Cup Ball.  We went out for a meal last night at a local restaurant and stopped to watch the South Africa and Australian Rugby World Cup Semi Final.  This was my son's choice as he is obsessed by rugby.  Anyho, before we left, I asked my older son to take a photo of me.  The above was the result.  He had me cracking up laughing with his "professional photographer" antics. 

I am wearing another version of Jalie 2806.  This time I added a ruffle at the neck and made longer sleeves.  It is made out of a synthetic knit which wouldn't be me first choice normally as I prefer cottons, but this was a roll of fabric I picked up at a factory closing down sale and I do love the colour.  I am also wearing another version of Jalie 2908.  This time in  white. I have added a tiny stitched down pleat in the front of the leg for a little interest.   The fabric is a stretch cotton denim remnant that I bought off a sale table.  I only had a metre but at 150cm wide it is enough.  Once I had cut the jeans out though, I discovered a pen mark on the hip.....don't you hate that!  So, I had to add a couple of fake pockets on the hip to disguise the fact I had cut the marked piece of fabric one would ever know!


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