Oh, I do love to be beside the.....


The kids were getting cabin fever after a week spent at home so we went to the beach for a change of scenery.  It still isn't swimming weather but this place is a regular haunt of ours at this time of the year.  My husband is a recreational whitebaiter, so usually in the spring we spend many a day out here catching the delicacy.  This year the river is polluted regularly because of the earthquakes so while the hardy baiters are still out, we have decided to stay away.  Anyho, this is our first trip to the beach for the spring and the first visit for the season is always the best.  On a sunny day, the scenery is outstanding with the rivermouth in the foreground and the snow covered mountains as the backdrop.   The Pacific Ocean was looking particularly stunning today, but the easterly wind did spoil it a little.   

My new windbreaker/raincoat had it's first official outing today, the first of many I imagine.  To go with it today, I made another version of New Look 6648 in a black and white stripe.  This time I made the neck opening and arm opening a little smaller and this did help with the falling off the shoulders problem and the gaping armhole issue.


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