The Best Laid Plans....

This week being the second week of the school holidays, my husband decided to take the week of work to spend some time with the kids.  On Thursday we decided to head out  for a bike ride through the trees at the local forest.  This is something we all like to do but it isn't best in the winter months.  This was to be our first ride for the season.  Great, I thought a chance to photograph my new yoga pants.  Exercise gear is not something I really have but I find yoga pants very versatile for a number of energetic pursuits.  In my belt bag I packed my little camera and we set off.

If by now you are envisiging a nice leisurely ride through the forest, let me tell you, that a ride with my kids is anything but!  Usually I bring up the rear with my youngest who has been more my pace.... not this year!  The kids are riding at break neck speed through the forest and my husband is dutifully following me, probably wishing he could ride at break neck speed as well, but feeling sorry for the poor unfit woman at the back who is puffing so hard she is turning purple. To make matters worse, my husband informs me I now have a nice mud line right up my back from riding through puddles.  This was going to make a delightful photo wasn't it.

We had ridden a couple of kilometres when I hear a yell through the trees.  My oldest son had been riding down a hill when his front wheel seized up and his bike came to a screaming halt.  Fortunately, he wasn't injured.  "Don't worry Mum" he says as he hops from branch to branch "I have my cell phone".  "That is great son, but we have no reception out here," I replied.  I don't know who he thought he was going to ring but the cell phone is aparently the answer to every dilemma.   Being the good mother I am,  I offered him my bike and to walk his bike back to the car.  The trouble was, the front wheel wasn't moving and I didn't fancy a two kilometre walk carrying a full sized bike.  My husband, who while not Mr Fix It but not useless either, managed to loosen the wheel enough to push the bike.  So I set off with a warning not to walk over any bumps or the wheel might fall off.....are you kidding me, in a forest, no bumps!  I managed to drag the ailing bike back to the car, the wrong way down a one way track, hoping all the way that another manic family wouldn't run me down.

Back at the car, I load the offending bike onto the trailer and sit in the car, all the while wishing I had a magazine or book to read to pass the time.  As I rifle through the nooks and crannies in the car, I come across a bag of lollies my husband has hid under the drivers seat.....Bargain! 

Yesterday, we thought we would take the dog for a walk around a couple of  lakes that were previously off limits to the public but now had a nice walk around them.  The yoga pants at this point were working there way through the washing system at home so nothing new to photograph even though the setting was stunning.  I had read Carolyns post about photography so what better opportunity to practice.  This time with the big camera.  Today I am wearing my Jalie top blogged about here and a pair of 3/4 length yoga pants I made last spring.  This photo was taken by my oldest son who actually got a small tree in the way so the photo is unsuitable for a close up but the lake makes for a better photo anyway.  We had this entire lake and it's neighbour next door to often does that happen!  I will be back, next time, on a sunny day.


  1. Oh dear, sounds just like when we go riding with our kids; lol! But a fun day is usually well worth it, although it is a pity you had to trudge the injured bike back to the car :(
    What a beautiful lake and it does indeed look like a very promising photo oportunity. It's hard to see your outfit very well, but it does look lovely and comfy for walking.


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