The Ever Changing Faces Of My Table

While I was waiting in the supermarket queue last week I flipped through the latest Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  I was rather taken with a few of the Christmas projects in there so the magazine made it's way home with me.  Every time I host Christmas lunch I always complain about my lack of a Christmas tablecloth and often end up with a white bed sheet adorning my beautifully laid table.  Not this year!  I was rather taken with the tablecloth project in the magazine.  I visited Lincraft which has just opened close to me and was staggered by what it would cost me to buy the supplies I needed to recreate it.  I returned home determined not to be beaten in my quest for a nice tablecloth.  I dug through my bin of remnants once again and found some suitable Christmas like fabric.  The green was left over from a dinosaur costume I made my son here the red star fabric was left over from my nappy making days and the red binding I made using the leftovers from my knitting bag in place of ribbon which was too expensive.  The white fabric is cotton duck which I scored from one of the displays at the last Ellerslie Flower Show.  It was a time consuming exercise, cutting out all of the 20 appliques and painstakingly sewing them on, not to mention the handmade binding but I am pleased with the results and best of all it cost me nothing! 

You can also see in the above photo a better picture of the advent calendar my daughter made and I wrote about here.  The Santa hats are also my daughter's creation from last year.  They are made using poly cones and polar fleece.  The belts are made using scrapbook paper.

When we host Christmas lunch we like to make an edible table centrepiece.  After spying this in a woman's magazine we just had to give it a go.  I had often seen kits for these but I was keen to make one from scratch.  I didn't get the chance...this is what my daughter created yesterday, complete with stained glass windows.  YUM!


  1. I also spied this tablecloth in the magazine and loved it. But like you, making it 'from new' from Spotlight/Lincraft etc was to be expensive. Well done for being extra creative and finding the fabric at home. To late for this year, but next year it might just now be on my list...


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