Another Jalie Top

This time I have made a hoodie.  I used Jalie 2795 which I bought earlier in the year with the jeans and tee patterns that I also bought from Jalie and have become firm favourites.  This pattern is set to become a favourite as well.  Because I intend to do a bit of camping over the summer, I needed something to put on once the sun went down.  I made the hoodie using some cotton fleece also left over from my nappy making days.   It is beautiful top quality 100% cotton brushed fleece.  It is super thick and snugly but being cotton also very breathable for this time of year.  I made a couple of changes to the pattern during construction.  I shaped the side seams in a little at the waist like my favourite Kathmandu sweat and added ribbing to the bottom instead of sweat shirting.  After stitching the band on, I discovered that the cotton fleece had no stretch and produced a band that was a little too snug for my liking, so I unpicked it, dug through the used clothing bag and discovered a virtually unused but small white ribbing tee and replaced the band with ribbing like most of the rtw hoodies my kids wear.  If I made it again in a similar fabric I would also do this with the cuff bands as well, as I find I can't push the sleeves up, which I find a little annoying.  Another thing that bothers me a little about this sweat is that the hood is not lined and you can see the inside fleece.  When I make another, as I am sure I will, I will find a coordinating knit to line it with.  I love the shape of the sweat and overall I am really pleased with the results.  Today I am modeling my sweat with the Jalie jeans I wrote about here


  1. Oh, I love this pattern. I have made heaps of these for everyone in the family but my husband. I line the hood, but it is quite close fitting, so generally I increase the length a little at the hood (or maybe we have big heads!)
    Yours looks excellent. Good pick on the ribbing.

  2. Looks lovely and snuggly... a great little hoodie!

  3. Your hoodie looks fantastic. Thanks for highlighting this pattern. I have been wanting to find a hoodie pattern I like and this fits the bill. I am off to find this online and get it ordered!


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