Two Days Before Christmas......Really!

We are surrounded at the moment by things of beauty. Traditionally Christmas smells like Christmas lillies and I am picking and consuming a punnet of my own berries per day, not to mention all the salad greens and even a nice red tomato just in time for Christmas. Despite all of this, the radio dj couldn't have put it better, after he recovered his composure that is......Mother Nature is a b..arch! When we were just starting to get our confidence back and be able to walk through a mall without planning our escape route, whamo, ground hog day again! Many a Christmas party was stopped in it's tracks. My own kids had friends around for a swim in our pool. All they wanted to do was jump in and ride the waves that were sloshing over the side. I had to remind them that they really should contact their parents, not an easy thing when the cell and landline networks were not operating.
There is not a lot of damage this time, even though a vino was required to calm frayed nerves.  The eastern suburbs again have liquifaction, a sole destroying thing especially on Christmas Eve.

Last night there was not a lot of sleep to be had, with 26 aftershocks during the hours of darkness culminating with a 5.0 at 6.30am this morning.  My dog barked at every one and tore around the house like a pet possessed finally stopping under the dining room table.

Tomorrow, I am hosting a full turkey lunch for eleven.  We will be eating outdoors, something nobody in this city will complain about.   Today, I need to do all of those chores that didn't get done yesterday.   I intend to crank up the Christmas Carol CD and hopefully drown out the rumble down under!

Merry Xmas


  1. Good to hear you are all OK and still have your sense of humour! I can still vividly recall Cyclone Tracy striking and completely flattening half of Darwin during the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 1974 ... seemed like such a terrible judgemental smite from above, and on SUCH a day.


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