Leftovers Again!

Remember this skirt.  Well, I managed to have quite a bit of fabric left over, in fact just the perfect amount to whip up this top.   I used New Look 6870 again but with the cap sleeve variation this time.   Because it is cotton, it is nice and cool and because it is white it is proving to be yet another wardrobe staple.   Since lace is everywhere this season, I wanted to add a bit to my wardrobe as well so found some chevron stripe lace in my stash to add a bit of interest to the front.  It unfortunately doesn't show up very well because of the sunlight but by the time I realised this my lovely white blouse was sporting a nice chocolate dribble....darn.....it is, unfortunately a hazard that comes with the season! 


  1. Can just catch a glimpse of the lace on the front - could do with a top like this up here at the moment. Nothing better than a cool white top for summer. As for the chocolate dribble...some hazards we just have to force ourselves to indulge in!!!

  2. Just heard about the earthquake on the news. I hope everything is OK with your family...

  3. We are fine thanks, once again nerves are on edge but hangin in there


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