An End Of An Era

This past week my oldest son graduated from primary school.  It has been very much a bitter sweet time and we have done a lot of looking back at the last 8 years.  It seems like yesterday that I walked him into the classroom for his very first day.  Earlier this week I watched him cha cha  and waltz like an expert with the very same girls he shared his very first day with as a five year old.  He was dressed in a collar and tie and the girls in makeup and heels...where has the time gone.  Yesterday like all of the proud parents of the graduating year I watched him accept his leavers certificate from the school principal and choked back tears watching he and his emotional peers were led from the school by the staff and a lone piper.

While my children were at primary school, I gave their teachers a gift at the end of the year.  Where possible I tried to give it the personal touch by giving something either I or the children had made.  Sometimes, this involved cooking up something exciting in the kitchen with the kids and other times it would be sewn by me.  This year because my son was leaving the school and because his teacher had also taught my daughter, I wanted to make something a little special.  I had an apron pattern I had been wanting to try for quite some time.  It is a vintage pattern that belonged to my late grandmother and I am guessing about 1940's-1950's.  All of the fabric came from my remnant bin.

I had never sewn with a vintage pattern before and was rather surprised by the lack of clear instructions.  This proved to be quite a time consuming project because of this and also because I also chose to make all of the bias binding myself.  I am rather pleased with the results, it sort of reminds me of the tv show "NZ's Hottest Baker".  I have enough of the hot pink floral and the gingham to make one for myself.  It would be nice to have a decent apron for Christmas day but it may have to be a project for the new year.


  1. As a teacher I would love to receive a gift like your apron, knowing the sentimental value behind it. Love the colour-ways you used, fancy it all coming from your remnant bin - a very co-ordinated remnant bin!!!

  2. It was rather a fluke getting 3 co-ordinating remnants. They were left overs from a previous life making cloth they say "waste not want not"!

  3. Such a cheerful gift. I'm sure the teacher will love it!

  4. Such a cute apron! Your teacher is going to be thrilled with it!
    and PS, you will laugh at this, but your comment left me completely befuddled until I looked back at that post and realised that yes indeed, I did briefly mention strawberries in passing, LOL! Actually, to clarify, it was the chocolate fudge cake that is dipped in chocolate sauce (not the strawberries) and I prefer my strawberries au naturel, like you. Or also sitting marinating in one's glass of champagne is nice... And yes, here in Perth berries of all sorts are rife at this time of year, which is wonderful. We are paying $15/kg for cherries, so not quite as dear as NZ, but ours are grown locally...

  5. It's that time of year isn't it. Your apron looks very sweet, I'm sure the teacher will love it. I always find teacher gifts difficult, I'm never sure if they really appreciate a handmade gift or if they'd prefer a box of bought chocolates.

  6. Thank you for your comments re my apron. I am happy to report, the teacher did love it and because I have known this teacher since my oldest daughter, now 15, used to be friends with her son as a preschooler, so I was able to choose something I knew she would use. How many boxes of chocolates does one teacher need anyway!


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