First Aid Required...

This blouse is part of my autumn wardrobe.  It was raining when I got up yesterday morning, hence the tights and my new brogues by World.  I quickly realised however as I took this photo that it really was too warm for this ensemble so changed to this:

By lunchtime however, we had reached 30deg celsius and 50% humidity, so the linen lined skirt was not cutting it either and I opted for a sundress...never mind, there will be plenty of cooler weather to enjoy both of these outfits.

I made this blouse using a crushed satin from this op shop haul and Vogue V1247.  It was pretty easy to make but did require an awful lot of ironing.   For my trouble, I also ended up with a 10cm burn on the inside of my arm. 

I cut it out to a size 10 but in hindsight, I could have gone down to an 8.  I find Vogue patterns quite hard to figure out size wise because my measurements on the packet would have put me at a size 12 to 14 but in reality, especially with this pattern, I need to make up at least a size or two smaller.

I initially wasn't convinced about the French seaming.  It looks really good on the pieced seams but was quite difficult to get the side seams sitting how I wanted them because of the curve under the arm.  If I was to make it again, I think I would use a regular seam here.  The picture above shows the inside of the blouse which looks really nice and will retain it's good looks for the life of the blouse.

I had read however that this blouse is notorious for falling off ones shoulders, so as a finishing touch, I added some bra strap holders, made using a leftover piece of fabric and a couple of small snaps.  I will also do this again if I make another of these tops. 

I really love this top, but, if, and I am sure I will, make it again, I will cut it out to a size 8 and make the neck slightly less plunging and narrower.  For a wearable muslin though, I am pretty happy with the results.


  1. Your blouse looks lovely - your fabric really shows off the lines of the top. Thanks for the useful comments about the sizing too - I'm keen to give this a go now.

  2. Your top has ended up really well - matching those french seams must be tricky. I have to say I am envious of your op shop fabric haul. Your garden also looks really good - loving your combination of culinary and decorative plants.

  3. Your top looks lovely. Thanks for the tips - I've just bought this pattern so they'll definitely come in handy.

  4. I love that this is a loose cool looking top, but has interesting design details. The color is very pretty!

  5. I made this top up last year. I found the silk I was working with an absolute nightmare - all those bias bits, meeting straight bits and the like. Despite that, I loved the way my top turned out. Your is also very lovely. In particular I like the colour. Good call with the bra stays.

  6. Thanks Janine for the comment re my garden. We have a city sized plot so unless I pop the fruit/veges around the ornamentals I wouldn't have any vege garden at all.

  7. Gorgeous! You are making me want one in green now too; it looks lovely on you!


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