On A Mission

My mission this year, and I call it a mission because the idea of a New Year's resolution has never sat comfortably with me, is to dress better for less.  Why, you may ask?  Well, when I totted up how much of our hard earned money was spent on clothing last year, I was slightly horrified.  Now, I know 3 growing kids (including two teenagers) are expensive to clothe and shoe, but this money would have paid for a great holiday.  So, this year it is a case of, how low can she go!  Now let's not get ridiculous about it, I will be buying shoes because let's face it, a girl always needs new shoes but this will be an interesting experiment or let's call it, mission, because this won't come easy, I can tell you!

To kick things off, I have made a top using fabric from my last op shop haul.  There was only a tiny piece of this fabric so actually cutting it out was a challenge.   I used New Look 6179 again but this time I made the version with the double layer shoulder frill.  It is the same pattern as the "shower curtain" blouse that I wrote about recently but because I found this blouse a little snug under the armpits and in the hips, I was keen to add a little bit of width to this version, not an easy task when I didn't have enough fabric in the first place.  Any ho, buy virtually getting rid of all the side seam allowance, I squeezed enough width out of the blouse for it to fit beautifully.  Problem number two came when I wanted to make bindings for the neck and arms.  I could have bought ready made black binding but this would have been way to simple and I felt like a contrast so I dug around in the remnant bin and found a   co-ordinating floral that did the job beautifully, I think.  I didn't even have enough fabric to make the drawstring so the centre of the drawstring is made using the co-ordinating blue and only the ties are the black floral.   Shhhhh...that is a big secret, if you don't tell anyone, they will never know.

I love my new blouse.  The fabric drapes beautifully.  It must have been quite an expensive cotton, when new.  Today, I am wearing it with a pair of Principals Designs beige drill pants that I picked up at the Op Shop and refashioned from flared to skinnies and Clarks leather sandals from Endless.com.


  1. Good luck with your mission! That fabric looks a bit like Liberty lawn... you are lucky to find such pretty fabrics in your op shop!

  2. It is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it is hard to imagine anything useable could be made with some of the fabrics. I tend to leave the nasty polyesters behind. All of these fabrics come from those large stores that are the recipients of all of those clothing bins dotted around the place.

  3. This blouse fabric is very pretty, and this turned out lovely!


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