Take Aways

It has been a little busy around here lately.  My son has started at a new school that is 7 times the size of his old school so has taken quite some adjusting to.  We have had the odd teething problem, but fortunately nothing too serious.  It is however all very time consuming.  Add to that all the associated meet the teachers, the start of extra curricular activities, and surgery for my daughter and things have begun to slide.   My garden has begun to disappear in a mountain of weeds and my pantry was starting to look bare.  When my kids very nicely asked me to go grocery shopping because there was quote "nothing to make lunches out of", I was happy to oblige (anything to keep them out of the dreaded school canteen).   I was pleasantly surprised at what I found amongst those weeds.  This little lot saved me a trip to the fruit and vege shop and guess what was on the menu for lunch.....

Yum.....tomato on toast, one of my seasonal favourites.  I don't make it with shop bought tomatoes because they are tasteless but organic home grown, you simply can't go past.

And while I was at it, I also found this little lot....well, that was dinner sorted out!  So, I sat beside a well dress lady at my son's swimming lessons at 4.45pm last night, as she scrolled through the local pizza shop menu on her Ipad, feeling rather smug......I had already organised my own takeaway....taken right from my own garden!


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