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Rachel Comey for Cutting Edge Patterns, I made this

I didn't actually own a little black skirt which really, is a wardrobe staple.  I had this black cotton mystery stretch textured denim type fabric sitting in my stash.  And, no, this one wasn't an op shop find but bought from Fabric Vision to make a pair of shorts earlier in the season.  I changed my mind about the shorts but it did make a perfect skirt.

I cut the skirt out to a size 12, but graded into a size 10 at the waist.  My measurements would have had me make a size 14 but I have learnt with this pattern.  I didn't change anything else about the cut of the pattern except to lengthen it by 15cm (this skirt is seriously short),  but did make a couple of changes to the construction.  I knew I wanted to line this skirt because I will be wearing it into the winter and I detest unlined skirts and tights worn together.  Therefore I omitted the continuous bias and bound seams.  Instead I opted to over lock them.  I had a piece of satin lining which was from one of my op shop stashes and used this to make a lining. 

After stitching on my waistband I decided that actually the waist was tighter than I like to wear it.  I had to ease the skirt into the waistband to get it to fit.  I am not sure whether this was part of the design or because my fabric was stretch and I had already tried it on.  Nonetheless I was unhappy with such a tight waistband so cut another in size 12 and this proved to be a perfect fit for someone who doesn't like wearing their clothes tight.

Would I make this skirt again?  Definitely!  I think this is my new favourite A line skirt.  Is that because of my pattern choices or is it because my fitting techniques are improving!  Only time will tell.

Pattern:  Vogue 1247
Fabric:  Stretch Cotton/Denim
Shoes:  Aerosoles
Blouse:  Amie (op shop)


  1. This is proving to be a great pattern - I am loving every version of this skirt/ top I have seen. I think I will have to buy this one. Hope you will get lots of wear out of your LBS ( little black skirt )

  2. I love your skirt, it looks great - can't wait until I get a chance to try that pattern. I agree with you about unlined skirts and tights together, not good.

  3. Yes, one can see by the photograph on the cover that unlike the blouse in this pattern, the skirt is not oversized but an ordinary little skirt; so your normal sizing is definitely the way to go here...
    Andrea, to link your reviews to the pattern information and to other reviews of the same pattern, you need to enter that information at the very beginning, at the top of your new review and "find" the pattern in the site's archives. If there is more than one choice that pops up, choose the one with the official pattern envelope photograph/illustration attached to it, since this is the correct one (any other ones are ones that people have added without linking to the pattern). That way your review will be linked to all the other member reviews of the same pattern, and will turn up in searches of that pattern review. Hope this helps.

  4. I think the term ordinary as applied to this skirt is very dependant on where you live. Where I live short skirts of this length are very much the domain of the normal teenager and not so much on women. An ordinary skirt in these parts would be very much longer. It is quite hard to gauge in the pattern picture how short the skirt actually is, hence the warning. The way I figured it, I can always cut it off but can't add it on!

    Thank you for your tips Carolyn on Pattern Review. I had already figured out that I needed to drop the V in front of the pattern number but after spending waaay too much time on the review yesterday, I ran out of time to edit it. I think I have the pattern image thing sussed now though as well.

  5. I really like this skirt ,I loved since I saw Carolyn's version. This is definitely on my list. ( lengthened of course)


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