Valentines Day Anyone!

Paired with red accessories this dress would be perfect for a Valentines dinner, don't you think!  This is the dress I made last year for my wedding anniversary but didn't get around to writing about.  Tomorrow it won't be getting an outing though, as my husband and I have a parent teacher meeting at my son's new school.....I know,  great timing right!  No matter, Valentines day really isn't high on my list of priorities anyway.

I made this dress using Simplicity 3833.  I really liked the simple lines and the way the two different fabrics were joined at the bust dart.  It reminded me of the dresses my mother wore in the 1960's, although she wore hers much shorter.  I bought the black and white fabric on a sale table with this dress in mind but underestimated the amount of fabric I would need for colour matching etc. After a little fiddling around with the pattern, I just managed to fit the pieces in.  The design matching is not perfect but because the centre front is not cut on the grain, matching the print was impossible anyway.

Both of the pieces of fabric are a cotton sateen with a small amount of stretch.  I would say the black is more like a drill but has a very nice sheen to it unlike normal stretch drill. 

I really like this simple style of dress.  As I am not a tall person, it compliments my height and because I am not a particularly flamboyant person, it also suits my personality.  I would like to make this style again, perhaps next time with sleeves or maybe even a Peter Pan collar, which seems to be popular at the moment.


  1. Your dress looks very flattering - you look quite tall ! I agree the pattern matching doesn`t matter here - your dress fronts blend in nicely. Good luck with a Valentines dinner with three young children.

  2. What a cute dress, you look very snazzy. And I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day meeting with the teacher!


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