A Spring In My Step

With the kids all back to school, the house clean and tidy, baking done and washing folded and put away, thanks to a record breaking 22.4 deg Celsius Sunday and matching Monday, it is time to start back where I left off.    I am under no illusions that despite the appearance of daffodils and the manic gardening and car washing by my neighbours, that this spring like weather will not continue, so I have made another wool skirt.

Since I have already made 3 versions of Vogue 1247, I thought it was time to try something new.  This time, thanks to my visit to the library with the kids, I have made the Colette Meringue.   The fabric I had chosen is a battleship grey wool flannel that I picked up on this op shop trip and some grey satin lining that I picked up on this op shop trip.  I only had a small amount of the wool, so was limited in my pattern choices. 

Now for the most part, I really like this skirt.  I changed the pattern slightly, to include a back zip instead of a side zip because it suits my shape better and added lining, but other than that, this is a simple A line skirt.  The thing that I have discovered in the making of this skirt though, is that I prefer a waist band to a facing because I find the skirt sits better on me.  Oh well, lesson learned, next time and there will be a next time, I will put a waistband on.

I have to say, I am quite impressed with this book and there is at least two more projects I am keen to try, but they will be projects for the summer.


  1. Cute outfit! Can't remember when I last saw a daffodil growing...must be years and years ago. Enjoy!

  2. Still admiring your top :-) I love the scallops around the hem of the skirt, altogether a great outfit.

  3. I really like those scallops along the hemline, a cute little feature!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my photography, and in reply; if the natural light is so dim you are losing all the details and colour in your shots; you can decreasing the shutter speed on your camera. In other words; a longer exposure time which lets in more light to the camera and lightens the shot. Another alternative is to use the flash; this can *sometimes* look fantastic but personally? I nearly always prefer the shots without it. But very occasionally the flash used outdoors surprises me with a really great result.

  4. it is such a good feeling to have the garden and house in order and you must be relieved that your sick daughter too is much better - that sounded bad. GOod idea to borrow this book from the library - I must check to see if our library service has it too. You have done a good job on the scallops - very smooth curves.

  5. Thank you for your comments. I like the scallops too. This skirt would otherwise be quite boring without them. The top is my new favourite. Nothing like a bright coloured top to cheer up a dull day.

    My daughter is now back in full health. I realised this yesterday when she returned from walking the 4km home from school and told me she was going for a run....always a good sign! It has been two weeks though. This is one flu you don't want to get.

    Thank you Carolyn for your photography tips. I find it challenging at this time of the year and am determined to get the hang of my camera and stop relying so much on the automatic features.

  6. You sound very organised with your house management. I actually bought this book, rather like it, but have made nothing from it yet, However, your skirt is very tempting and looks terrific with the fuscia top.


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