A Little Light Reading

The sun has come out and everyone is now well so we have been able to leave the house....yay!

One of our regular haunts in the holidays pre earthquake was always the local library.  It is a great place to while away a few quiet hours, oh and the coffee shop isn't bad either!  Post 22 February last year, our lovely local library was commandeered by the council for offices after their existing offices were badly damaged, leaving library goers with, well, a bus!  The bus while serving a valuable service was not conducive to a relaxing visit especially in the depths of winter so we tended not to use it.  It is nice to have at least this service back again and I am enjoying ordering from the extensive craft books online and popping in regularly to collect my latest installments.  This week I have been pouring over these....

I particularly like the beautiful designs in New England knits and am contemplating buying this book.  The Colette Sewing Handbook is an interesting read as well and it is from this that my next project will come.

I have managed to complete a couple of projects in the last couple of weeks but between sickness and rain, I haven't been able to get them photographed.  Today would have been perfect weather wise but I skived off with the boys to the movies.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


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