While waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive, I thought I would make up another pair of winter pants.  Of course, using the Jalie jeans pattern again and chocolate cord from this op shop haul here.  I was not keen on the muddy brown colour so had already dyed them black when I was refreshing my favourite black jeans a few months back.  The fabric had come out a nice dark chocolaty, black, or even dark olive depending on what light I was in.  Any ho I was pleased with the results and keen to get them made up before the winter disappeared.  Like my other variations, I graded the legs to skinny jeans.  I started cutting them out at 9am and would have had them finished before 3pm when this happened....

I had just attached the waistband when I realised that my fly facing was stitched on the wrong side and I would need to remove the waistband....darn!  While unpicking the waistband the pants ripped clear down the middle.  I was so gobbed smacked by my stupidity, I didn't even swear.  I simply bundled up the offending garment and took it outside and threw it in the wheelie bin, after removing the zip of course.  I didn't even want it in the inside bin to remind me of a day wasted.  The leftovers, of which there was quite a big piece, quickly followed it.  On further inspection, it appears that this fabric may have been weakened by being in storage and actually ripped quite easily....oops...lesson learned! 

The biggest shame of all is that this is the last garment made by me on my old machine because my new one has arrived and it is awesome!!!!  I haven't made anything on it yet, just had a play and lots of reading of the book.  I will keep playing and put up a review soon.

Earlier in the week, I also whipped up another couple of Renfrews.  This time in a gorgeous grey merino Lycra knit.  I think this may be my favourite version simply because the fabric is so gorgeous. 

 The second version is made using a remnant of this dress.  I only had enough for 3/4 sleeves and a crew neck.  It took a little bit of playing to get the neck right because this fabric is cotton jersey and doesn't have any Lycra content.  I had to remove 4-5 cm from the length of the band but I am happy with the finished result.  I am sure it will make a versatile in between top.

I didn't bother modeling either of these versions, because I am sure by now, you get the picture!


  1. What a shame about the fabric, especially after you'd dyed it and nearly finished the trousers! It must have gone rotten with age. Oh well, at least you have two nice Renfrew's to make up for it!

  2. yes it is a shame because the fabric looked quite nice and your sewing looked really good.

  3. Oh no! That is a shame since you had dyed it into such a glorious colour!! The new tops look nice, I particularly like the striped one :)

  4. I LOVE that gorgeous grey merino top - I hope you feel like it makes up for the trouser situation. I think I would have cried.

  5. I LOVE that gorgeous grey merino top - I hope you feel like it makes up for the trouser situation. I think I would have cried.


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