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It is the first week of the school holidays here.  It has rained all week and I have had a sick daughter.  For reasons only known to her, she decided not to have the flu injection this year and she has had the worst bout to hit our house in years.  From stomach upsets, to chest and head colds, to fevers, she has had the lot including fainting spells which has meant that she has been unable to leave the house except briefly since Saturday.  Because of the fainting spells, I have also not been able to leave the house other than briefly either.  My sister has been visiting from Dunedin for the first time post earthquakes as well and my kids haven't been able to interact with her kids much either so all in all, not a very successful week.

All of this indoor activity however, has given me time to trawl the net and I have managed to snag some online fabric bargains.  I am now beginning to focus on spring, aren't we all, but I am also planning my spring/summer wardrobe and these fabrics will do nicely thank you.  They are mostly knit and there are two wool blend pieces which may be made up for the winter, if I get the time or put away for next year which is the most likely scenario.

Since I can't go out, why don't you come in!  I have had a couple of readers, Robyn and Carolyn, comment on my stash and the seemingly endless possibilities that lie within.  To me it is not that exciting but to my husband, I am sure, it takes up a lot of space.  I am trying to rectify this, really I am!

The above cupboard is my main stash cupboard.  It resides in my garage.  Some of my patterns and my drafting gear sit in boxes on the top.  On the top shelf is my expansive snap collection and below this boxes of patterns and threads.  I then have a shelf which is trying to be neatly stacked with fabric but in reality is overflowing and below that yet another shelf of threads.   I have rather a lot of threads having been fortunate enough to score most of them at an online auction from a manufacturer going out of business.   Below the thread shelf is another shelf groaning with fabric.  Believe it or not, this is my most organised cupboard.  Wait.....there is more.....

This is actually my husbands storage shelf and the one, I am trying to clear.  I began using this when I was manufacturing nappies for resale and contains mostly polar fleece, microfleece, some goretex and a bit of upholstery thrown in for good measure.  Lately I have been clearing this out nicely and I could probably condense it a bit more with a tidy up, but oh well, keeping it real here!

Which brings me to my final craft cupboard and this one is in the hallway inside.  This was my original craft cupboard and contains a shopping bag load of zips at the top, some cross stitch stuff, knitting stuff  and a couple of shelves of fabric thrown in.   I aim to have absolutely no fabric in here, but looking at it, this may take awhile.

So there you have it, the warts and all tour.  As you can see, my creative streak does not extend to keeping my stash tidy in an equally creative way.  It is more of a case of stuff it where it fits.  My name is Andrea and I am a fabricaholic!


  1. LOL. Loved having a wee peek into your stash, maybe mine is not so bad after all. Hope your daughter gets better soon, my kids are having their shots next week.

  2. Thanks for sharing your stash - I love seeing other peoples stashes and sewing rooms and your new additions look very promising.

    Hope your daughter recovers soon - the poor thing must be absolutely miserable being that sick during the school holidays.

  3. Your stash looks rather healthy to me -Except for the upholstery fabric. I find upholstery/home dec sewing so mind numbingly boring ( and I am also so bad at it) that whenever I have some of that fabric sitting around it says mean things to me as I open the cupboard.
    You know if you were to tidy your stash, you would be wasting a lot of vaulable time that should actually be sewing time. That is my excuse and I am happy to share it ;)
    I hope your daughter is better soon.

  4. That is it! I knew there was a reason why my stash was so untidy. It is quite different to my other cupboards that are actually tidy and well organised. But then, I don't hoard other stuff....just fabric. If there were just more hours in the day then my stash may actually get made up a little quicker.

  5. Hehe, I am just as much of a fabricoholic; we should start a group together!! Your stash looks like heaven to me. Thank you for answering my question, but didn't you have to buy those zips at some point? I have a stash of zips too, but I still take into account how much I had to pay for them, whenever it was. Not that it matters, there are no rules of course. :)
    Thanks for your comment on my tutorial and the vote of confidence, and agreed, I am still learning new things too, and I have been sewing for myself for 39 years!
    I hope your daughter gets well soon, how awful to be sick especially when you have family visiting.

  6. I can understand why you are thinking of spring sewing - it has been a cold winter- your new spring fabrics look very pretty - looking forward to seeing what you make . If your husband thinks your stash is huge get him to look at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic and Lower your presser foot - their stashes are unbelievable .

  7. Janine, I must check out those sites. It may make me feel a little better.

    Carolyn, I actually do account for zips I buy but this lot were gifted to me by my grandmother who made wedding dresses for a living. She lived in an era when nothing was thrown out and her zip collection was impressive to say the least. Some of them are new, some are repurposed but it is my go to place for zips and if I can't find one there....I buy one.

    Thanks everyone for your comments on my daughter. She is coming right but does still have the odd dizzy spell now and then.


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