Secret Squirrel...shhhh!

There has been a lot of secret squirrel stuff going on behind the scenes here lately.  When my daughter went off to prefect camp and work I would pack up what I was working on  and dig out my secret projects. These pyjamas are one such project.

Courteney had mentioned to me that she would like a new pair of summer pyjamas.  I know she likes singlet type tops so knew McCall's 6559 could be adapted for the perfect top and this gorgeous star print cotton interlock from my stash was the perfect fabric.

I found some lovely baby pink satin on the sale table at Fabric Vision for $3 per metre for the pants.  I cut the shorts using Simplicity 3696 which is the same pattern that I used for my own pyjamas here

 This was actually  a really quick and easy make and I am really pleased with how they turned out.


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    1. Thank you. They fit and my daughter is pleased with them.

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    1. Thank you! They are both cool and comfortable for this hot weather we are getting.


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