A "Glitch"

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I don't usually take the kids to the movies in the summer holidays because there are so many outdoor activities to take advantage of at this time of the year but yesterday in the pouring rain, I relented.  My youngest son asked to see Wreck it Ralph.  Because he has had such an emotionally devastating week, I thought the diversion might be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.  Without even checking to see what the movie was all about, I dutifully booked the tickets.

Anyho, as I was pulling the car out of the garage, I caught the back passenger door on the side of our caravan which is still parked on the driveway after our camping trip.  Fortunately, the caravan is okay, but my car is not and is going to require some panel work after being grated like a slice of cheese.  The damage however, didn't prevent us carrying on our way to the movie theatre.  

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I didn't have to watch the movie for long to realise the whole irony in the story.  The story goes that Wreck It Ralph is a character from an old electronic arcade game.  Wreck It Ralph breaks the apartment building and Fix it Felix repairs the damage.  All of the characters move from one arcade game to the next through the electrical cords.  Wreck It Ralph doesn't want to break things any more and wants to improve his life.  Along the way he befriends an outcast from another game, the Glitch, who has an electrical malfunction and wants to be a race car driver.  He helps the Glitch build a race car and promptly wrecks it.  I won't spoil the movie but suffice to say, they all live happily ever after.

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My youngest son who was my witness to the accident is now calling me Wreck It Ralph....Thanks J!  This morning my husband, aka Fix It Felix, has taken my car to the panel shop to get a quote to fix it.  He has left me with his car for the day, but I think I may just stay at home.


  1. Oh no! I'd stay home too - it's not very nice out there. It's fortunate you have a Fix It Felix to help out ;-)

    1. It certainly isn't beach weather but considerably better than yesterday. A perfect day to stock up on school supplies so I did brave it!

  2. If life was to parallel a movie Wreck it Ralph isn't the one you'd choose for sure... what bad luck! How onto it is your Fix it Felix!

    1. No, Wreck It Ralph would not be my first choice. It has me thinking though, what would be?


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