Controlling A Rampant Stash

What do you do when your fabric stash is growing so rapidly it is forcing the cupboard doors open?  You get creative of course!

This was actually a reality for me this week.   I decided to have a brain storming session with all of my "don't know what to do with it but it is still useful" pieces, and this is what I came up with. 

Because Vogue 1247 remains one of my favourite patterns, I wondered how it would translate from a woven top into a knit top.   I had just enough fabric from this dress and these leggings to cobble out a top with absolutely nothing left over.  I cut the sleeves slightly shorter and added a sleeve band instead of a turn back as in the pattern.  I also cut two backs on the fold instead of a front and a back and simply cut the front neckline 3cm lower than the original pattern to create a wide but shallow crew neck.

I am really pleased with the way this turned out.  It is a deliciously relaxed and easy to wear tee shirt.  Today, for my dog walking activities, I am wearing it with  cotton duck shorts that for some obscure reason I don't seem to have written about, but were made as a muslin for New Look 6873.      
And you may think I am getting all "posey" for the second photo, but no!  It was one of those "I wish I had a hair tie" kind of shots!

While walking in the park, I also took the opportunity, quickly, while my dog walked herself off in the distance (she is terrified of my camera), to photograph the tee I made for Courteney for Christmas.  I had to snap the picture quickly before my dog walked herself back home!


  1. Very creative Andrea! That is too funny that your dog is scared of the camera!

  2. I don't know why. It is very strange. I took her (the dog) to the beach a few weeks ago and when the camera came out she ran up the beach and into the car park. If it hadn't been for the quick thinking and speed of my teenage son, we could have lost her.

  3. At least you now have a cool summer top to wear. That's a good thing.

  4. I still haven't made up that Vogue pattern! I do have it cut out. You've done a great job of splicing fabrics and altering the pattern to suit. I particularly like that print! Your daughter's top looks terrific on too.

  5. I really like that top on you. The colour and pattern combo is fantastic. I have this one on my 'to do' list for the very near future. Most people seem to go down a few sizes in this top for woven fabrics, did you go down even smaller for the knit fabric? Meg

  6. Actually, no I haven't for any if them but the first two were made in a lightweight synthetic fabric. I have made the neckline smaller in my second version.


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