I always feel guilty when I am inside sewing on a beautiful day.  So yesterday while my youngest swam in the pool, I took the opportunity to do a little gardening, one eye on the pool, and one eye on the task at hand.

This is what I picked.  The apple is probably not quite ripe but I will cut it open to check.  The strawberries are nearly done but I never get tired of picking these.  These are my first tomatoes of the season but there will be plenty more where they came from.  The courgettes were doing beautifully until sadly, for me anyway, the boys accidentally snapped one prolific plant in half over the weekend.

 You can't beat organic fruit and vegetables. 

This is my first season with blueberries so I am looking forward to eating these.

My tomato jungle.  These have got away on me over the holiday break.

Lettuces and spring onions with a tiny silverbeet that I planted over the weekend.

This mandarin tree is covered in tiny mandarins which will be ripe in time for winter.

Potatoes, beans, raspberries, bokchoy, carrots and red onions do nicely down the south side of my house. 

My feijoa is flowering nicely after being moved last year.

I should have plenty of pears for bottling this year.

This is the second year this tree has fruited.  Lovely juicy eating apples that the kids are already asking if they can pick.  The birds like them as well so I am keeping an eye on them.  Also for the first time ever, this year I have peaches that I have grown from a stone.  

I was wondering if it was just my garden that was doing well this year, when I read in the paper this morning about a lady who lives not too far from me who has bananas on her banana tree for the first time. That is simply unheard of in the flat areas of Christchurch.


  1. You definitely have the 'green-thumb' happening in the garden this year - it all looks yummy!!!

    1. I cringe when I see what they charge in the shops. I feel kind of smug with my next to free stuff!

  2. Yum, can't beat fresh produce. If you have a moment today, 50% off at the hospice shop :-)

    1. Thanks! Perfect timing. I even found a skirt to wear to a job interview tomorrow.


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