Floral McCall's 6992

On my recent day off due to eye infection which also happened to coincide with my birthday, I had a bit of time on my hands.  Actually, I had a lot of time on my hands which tends to happen when you are not feeling very well.  I decided to take a few blog photos with my sunnies on to cover up said eye.  On my way to the pharmacy, I stopped off at the park when I noticed that he trees lining the driveway were in full blossom and my daughter snapped these quick photos.  Please excuse the squinty eyes.  I forgot my sunnies and the light was doing my eyes no favours.

This is the umpteenth version of McCall's 6992 I have made.  In the past though, I haven't made the version with the band at the bottom.  Because my latest  is made of actual sweat shirting fabric I thought I would add a band to make it less jersey like and more sweatshirty.  The fabric was picked up on the sale table at Spotlight at the end of last winter.  The ribbing was from my stash and bought or acquired goodness knows where and has obviously been hiding there for quite some time.  I really like the pretty floral which is quite spring like.  The only other change I made was my usual narrowing of the neck which I have now altered my copy of the pattern to include.

There will definitely be more versions of this pattern but not until next winter now I think.


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