Jalie 3352 in Merino Remnants

It may be spring and the daffodils and blossom trees are flowering but today is ridiculously cold.  I really didn't have the motivation for photographs in the rain this morning so today's post is my makeup free Saturday morning keeping it real post complete with Ugg boots.

Jalie 3352 has been made more times than I care to count but my love of this pattern runs really deep.  It was actually Courteney's idea to mix my fabrics up on this version to keep it fresh.  Both fabrics are merino from The Fabric Store and both bought this winter.  I have to say I love this top and it has been worn a lot over the last couple of months.  Yup, that is how long it is since I made this one!

The changes I made to this pattern are to raise the neckline in line with my other favourite tee, Tessuti Alexa and to straighten the hem slightly at the front.  Oh and I added the pocket!   The entire top was constructed on the overlocker with the hems, and neck binding stitched with the cover stitch.  It was a really quick sew and helped with my exploding remnant situation; gotta love that!


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