McCall's 6992 in Marc Jacobs Merino

McCall's 6992 remains my favourite pattern for sweatshirts.  That is no secret.  I have made two versions for myself this winter alone and Courteney has made one.  This version was supposed to be Courteney's project but pattern matching fear put her off. The fabric is a Marc Jacobs merino knit so wasn't cheap and on such expensive fabric she wasn't keen on experimenting; fair enough!
Even I with my many years of sewing experience are not immune to the odd brain f..t when it comes to pattern matching.  This time however it wasn't the pattern matching that tripped me up but a big old flaw in the front of the top which I did not discover until the top was finished.  Queue the face palm moment and the odd expletive thrown in for good measure.  Thankfully though, the girls at The Fabric Store had given me a generous amount of fabric to account for shrinkage and I could cut a new front.

The one annoying trait with this pattern, I find is the neckline.  It is a little too wide for my liking, so on my pattern I have reduced the width by 1.5cm on each side.

I was a little annoyed that my stripes do not match perfectly at the sides but this was the best I could do after the flaw debacle.

I love this fabric!  So, much so in fact that I have already made a Stylearc Harper Jacket out of it and have it in red and orange for something for next winter.


  1. Thanks for review. Marc Jacobs merino sounds swish and expensively scary ! I am just catching up with the modern sewing world and bought this pattern so I will check out that neckline. Have you made the Linden sweat shirt pattern and if so how does it compare? They both look similar ( and good )

    1. I haven't made the Linden because I bought this one first and I see no reason to buy another.

    2. Thanks. For some reason I thought you had made both but I don't know why I thought that !


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