Ginger Ponte Pants

Now that I have my Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files pattern at tnt status, it is easy to convert these to various other styles.  In this instance, I had some lovely thick brushed ponte that I bought last winter from Spotlight specifically to make pull on pants.  The Ginger pattern was a no brainer and was simple enough to adapt to a pull on style.

I simply made a faux fly and instead of stitching on the waistband I added an elastic casing and then simply threaded my elastic through.  I then top stitched it at each side seam to prevent the elastic rolling.  The only change I did make to the pattern was to add some faux welt zip front pockets.  I don't use the front pockets in my pants so it was easier and avoided visible pocket bags.

These were really quick to make.  Unlike jeans where I need to use two machines, one for construction and one for top stitching, the top stitching was done in regular thread.

You may have noticed these pants in another of my blog posts.  These were made prior to my Queenstown trip  and have been in regular rotation since.  I like them so much that I wish Spotlight had this fabric in again this winter.  I bought enough to make pants for me and my Mum and there is still enough for a skirt for next winter.


  1. They look so comfy and much better looking than just leggings. I must look out for this fabric - this is a great idea. It would be great to have a few pairs to have on hand . When I am home I wear old but comfy jeans or trackies but on the rare occasions when you have an unexpected visitor I feel a bit embarrassed to answer the door so this would be a great compromise on comfort and style.

  2. What a great pattern adaptation! I've been thinking of sewing some comfy pants for days that I'm home with the kids, and these look way more stylish and functional than leggings. I even have the Ginger, so I just need to drop enough baby weight that I can finally give it a whirl!

    1. I love this adaptation as well! I have this pattern (and I've signed up for Heather Lou's online course to make these jeans AND I have her ebook all printed out in colour - yep the whole nine yards :) ) but making a "proper" pair of jeans isn't really what I wear. I wear mostly pull on stretchy pants/leggings and I've been thinking this jean pattern would lend itself to an adaptation just like you've done here and they look fabulous! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  3. these look absolutely terrific! my favourite thing about them is the zipped welt front pockets. Very very cool :)


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