Jalie 3245, the Trial Version

When it comes to my sewing, you can really tell how successful a pattern is by the number of times I have made it up.  In this case, this top is version two on my blog but is version one of Jalie 3245.
I made this top up using two remnants from my stash to check the fit before cutting into my good fabric.  This is quite a common exercise for me and rarely do I actually plough in head first without making a wearable muslin.  Although my two latest as yet unblogged makes have been uncharacteristically unmuslined. 

The floral fabric is a lovely drapey rayon knit which I had previously used to make this dress, Vogue 1027 which I made way back in 2013.  Incidentally this dress is still on regular rotation which in part is due to my love of the fabric.  The stripe fabric is also a rayon knit with a really nice stable weight that I bought to line a hood for a top that never happened.  It is nice to be able to relieve my remnant bin of two such long time residents.

I really like the way this top came up, hence the second version, and like most of the other Jalie patterns I have bought in the past, this pattern will have regular outings.


  1. I love stripes and florals together! Great tee.

    1. Thank you! Stripes are always a favourite of mine.

  2. I love stripes and florals together too. This looks like a great pattern...loving the raglan sleeves and curved hem.


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