Simplicity 8084 Shirtdress


Occasionally I step out of my comfort zone and the results not only surprise me but also open up a whole new world of possibilities.  This is a big statement, I know but this time it is true.  For my entire adult and even teenage life I always believed that a drawcord and even an elastic waist was not my friend due to my rather large hip proportions and relatively small waist.  For some reason though, I was prepared to throw caution to the wind and make Simplicity 8084, a Mimi G pattern. I think what drew me to the pattern was Mimi G herself who is also shaped similarly to myself.  If she could rock this style of dress, I reasoned, then I should be 
able to as well.

I can't actually remember what size I cut this pattern to because this has been made up for close to a month, waiting on buttons to arrive from Aliexpress in China.  Buttons are ridiculously expensive here in New Zealand so several weeks of patience was a small price to pay for a bulk lot of black shirt buttons.  The fabric however, I do remember, and was bought from Cotura Fashions in their sale at the end of last summer or even the previous winter.  Oh dear perhaps my memory isn't that good after all!

The dress wasn't all that difficult to construct but the concealed button placket did cause a little head scratching.  The cord casing was supposed to be made from purchased bias tape, but I chose to make my own, which in the rayon wasn't a particularly difficult option.  The only issue I did have was lining up the tunneling at he front placket.  Mine is not perfectly straight but is close enough as to not be noticeable.  The pattern matching though I am really happy with.  It was no easy feat matching this pattern and laying it out did require a bit of pattern tetris and careful placement to find an arrangement I was happy with.

I do have one small gripe with this pattern.  The drafting is a little strange.  The neckline is a v neck but the placket is cut straight and not shaped to match.  To me this is a little strange because it does tend to make the front sit not quite flat.  It is not noticeable in this very drapey fabric but I feel in a more rigid fabric it may be very noticeable.

Despite my reservations with the draw string waist, I love this dress!  I wore it to work on Friday, and while I was out buying my lunch a complete stranger, a young woman in her 20's, stopped me to admire it which actually made my day!  Up until this point, I had my doubts about whether this pattern would get another outing but now, I may just change my opinion.


  1. Well, that young woman was on the money - this dress looks great on you!

  2. I love this dress. It looks fantastic. The fabric is really beautiful, (if only I could find something similar), and the style really does look good on you!

  3. Really lovely dress. The fabric is beautiful, and the style really suits you.

  4. Very pretty fabric and I think this style suits you very well.

  5. It's very flattering, and the print is lovely!

  6. I love this dress too like your velvet top. Gorgeous fabric.


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