Simplicity 1167 in Mystery Check

I am still on the lookout for a tnt pants pattern.  My search led me to Simplicity 1167, a Mimi G pattern.  I always find it quite difficult to choose a size in big 4 patterns and this time was no exception.  I measured a pair that fit well and used that as my guide.  I can't remember now what size I came up with but I do know that I chose a size smaller for my waist and graded out at the hip.

The fabric I chose is a stretch suiting that I picked up on the $2 sale table at Fabric Vision, back when the sale table was $2 and not $3.  It has been in my stash for probably 5-6 years.

 Despite this being a trial pair of pants, I was very careful to match all of those checks both at the side seams and the back.  I did come a little unstuck with the pocket facings and this took two goes to get as right as possible.  Running the side seams in to fit the pants put the stripe matching out which is something that still annoys me.

I had to take the back seam in about 5cm at the waist, grading out to nothing at the crotch because the waist was seriously large and my sway back certainly didn't help.

I am actually quite happy with the fit of these pants, despite the pattern being not quite right for my shape.  I really like the cut of the legs, as they are quite a slim fit.  Would I make them again?  Well, the jury is out on that!  I feel that the cut of Simplicity 1696 may be a little better through the waist and hip so if I could blend the two, I would achieve somewhere near where I want to be.  Although, in saying that, now that I compare the photos, maybe I am judging them unnecessarily harshly!


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