My Summer Uniform

 I have made it no secret in the past, that two of my favourite summer tee shirt patterns are Tessuti Lola and Tessuti Alexa. 

I replenish my tee shirts every summer because these become the core of my summer uniform.  They are the first thing I reach for when I get home from work and also for my weekend attire.  Because I work 5 days a week, my weekends are mostly filled with household chores.  As unexciting as all of this is, it is an unfortunate reality of the working Mum.  This is why I like a tee that can take me from the supermarket to garden and everything in between.

This year, I really couldn't decide which pattern to make.  I kid you not, I wasted way too much time trying to decide which pattern I was going to make.  In a light bulb moment it occurred to me that I should take the best bits of both patterns and frankenpattern them into the perfect tee for me.  What I really like about the Alexa is the shape of the side seam but I really liked the sleeves and neckline of the Lola.  And so the Lolexa was born!  I liked the tee so much that I made 5!

All 5 of these tees are made with cotton lycra which is my favourite fabric for tees.  They wear and wash beautifully and retain their shape for the life of the garment.  The three tees on the left in this picture were made from fabric from the sale table at Fabric Vision.  The wide blue stripe was from Backstreet Bargains and the lime striped was also from Fabric Vision but made from leftovers and part of a rescued cold shoulder top that I sent to the naughty corner last summer.

I managed to photograph one of my new tees last weekend on my camping trip to Geraldine Farmyard Holiday Park.  These very friendly young pigs took particular interest in my photo taking.  Their mother to the right of the photo had obviously seen it all before as she wasn't having a bar of it.  While we are on the subject of cute are these piglets?  They were born only 24 hours before this photo was taken.  


  1. The piglets are very cute. My daughter showed me videos of baby goat yoga. That's cute too ! I notice how perfect you have the neck band stripes ! You can not go wrong with striped Ts .

  2. Great looking T's ! I like the name Lolexa.


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