McCall's 6992, A Gift

When Courteney made her hooded version of McCall's 6992, in merino from the Fabric Store, I mentioned that I would also like one for myself.  She has worn hers constantly over the winter months and it proved to be the perfect layering piece for under vests and jackets.    She was apparently listening to me which I thought was a rare thing where my kids are concerned.  Apparently this is something that is changing as they get older.

The basis for the hoodie is McCall's 6992, the version with the hem band.  We then modified the hood of Papercut Undercover Hoodie for this version.  Fortunately I had kept the modifications and looking back at the original hoodie post we did it by adding 3cm to the hood at the neck edge and grading out to nothing further up.  I used my French Curve to draft a gently curve to the front of the hood.

The fabric Courteney chose was left over from other merino projects she had made over the winter months.  All fabrics were sourced from The Fabric Store.  Both the red merino and navy were brushed sweat shirting weight and the hood lining which is also merino, is a tee shirting weight in white with a red spot print.  

To finish the hoodie she added a draw cord using an unused boot lace.

I am really happy with this sweatshirt and also really happy to be the recipient of one of her creations.  This one will get worn a lot.  It is the perfect weight for the transition into summer.


  1. Really cool hoddie. I don't think I've attempted a hoodie yet.

  2. How lovely that your daughter sews for you. Such a practical and great looking garment to add to your wardrobe too.

  3. Wow. So special in many ways . You have chosen a really fresh lookng colour combination too . I hope it is not the last thing she makes for you . What is your secret for passing on the sewing gene ? My daughters enjoy me sewing for them but seem to have no interest in it themselves.


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