I have just made version six of the Jalie jeans pattern.  I was really pleased with the green ones I made last but realised that I must have forgotten to prewash the fabric and they have shrunk.  They are now half mast.  Luckily short jeans are fashionable but that is little comfort when the temperature hovers in single digits.  I like my ankles covered in the snow thank you very much!

For this pair I have used some navy blue moleskin type fabric that is brushed on the outside but doesn't feel quite as thick as regular moleskin.  Nonetheless, they are warm and cosy.  I must say, I have perfected making this pattern and can now run up a pair in a day with minimal fitting and that includes in non stretch fabric like this particular pair.  All I needed to do was add 1.5cm in width to each piece and then fit them later.

In the photos above I am wearing my new jeans at the International Antarctic Centre.  If you look closely at the above picture, you can see a penguin swimming above me, to the right.  They are very cute little critters. These particular penguins are rescue penguins that would not survive in the wild.


  1. It's very tempting this pattern! What sorts of fabrics have you used in your six versions?
    I am such a jeans junkie though it could unleash a beast!

  2. I know the sentiment. I am certainly getting my moneys worth. This pattern is designed for stretch fabric but I have found, by adding to the side seams, I can easily make it work for non stretch as well. I have used stretch denim, stretch brushed cotton drill, stretch bengaline suiting, non stretch denim, non stretch moleskin and next up will be cordoroy.

  3. A pair of jeans in a day - wow! Love your new ones.

  4. They are seriously great jeans .


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