MMM12 - That's A Wrap

I was asked by Janine a couple of days ago, how I managed to take my photo every day.  This is one of the concerns I had when I signed up for Me Made May.  I really liked the idea of participating, but knew that taking my photo daily would be a challenge and I wasn't sure I would actually have enough me made clothing to make my life or that of my readers, in the slightest bit interesting.   I found out, to my delight, that actually, I had more clothes than I thought I did.  I also managed to put together some clothing combinations, I probably wouldn't have thought of had I not participated.  Another benefit with participating, was, actually seeing myself in photographs, I am beginning to realise which style of clothes suit my frame best and which do not.  I am sure this will be invaluable information when planning future clothing items, whether they be me made or rtw.  

I am still learning how to take nice self portraits and often find exposure and lighting a frustrating, so this has been a valuable exercise for practising, especially given that at this time of the year, the light level is often less than favourable.   I must say though, it was quite a relief this morning to not have to plan what I was going to wear and revert to my usual, throw on the first thing that I find in my wardrobe.   Quite ironically though, I did find myself taking my photograph in something new, but, I am not quite ready to reveal what it is quite this space! 


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