Rocking My World....Well, Not Exactly

I have put off publishing the making of this thermal for almost as long as the actual thought process of getting this made.  The blog God's are so against me publishing this that after I had finished a beautiful post detailing the intricate processes that were involved (not), the entire post disappeared into cyber space, never to be seen again (darn, darn, darn and a few more nasty words).

Anyho, the actual planning of the said thermals began a year ago with some very sad looking thermals that I very begrudingly drag out each winter and promise to replace.  I feel a little like I am cheating when dressed in something blog worthy with these sad rags lurking underneath.  When my aunt gave me some lovely fine merino fabric, last year, I instantly new what it was destined to become.  I don't know the actual composition of this fabric.  It doesn't particularly feel like merino, as it isn't warm to the touch but it is luxurious nonetheless and since I am told it is merino, I have to assume, that is what it is.

I used a favourite tank top as a pattern and proceeded to try out some different finishes with my coverstitch machine.  I have been hankering after a couple of binders for my machine and wanted to see if I could bind my projects neatly without the financial outlay.  For this particular project, I used a double bound finish on the armholes and a small band that I topstitched on my coverstitch machine at the neck.

I am really pleased with how both of the finishes turned out and pleased to report that actually, I don't really need the binders because the finish is neat enough finishing it manually.  I think long term though, I will invest in at least a double fold binder.  So, while this project did not rock my world, it was useful for a little much needed practise on my coverstitch machine and  while the results are not a stunning addition to my wardrobe, it does fit beautifully and more importantly does provide a much needed warm layer at this time of the year.


  1. What immaculate stitching!!
    Those perfect finishes on knits produced by coverstitch machines always look so beautifully neat and even, it makes me wonder why I keep on struggling away using my ancient machine... :)
    Thanks for the raincoat fabric recommendation, I did go and check it out

  2. What a beautiful finish! I am jealous...


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