A New Scarf

I have rediscovered the joys of knitting after quite a few years.  Perhaps it is because of the unusually cold start to the winter, but I am thoroughly enjoying knitting, whether it be while watching the weather go by out of the window or in front of the television.  Sewing seems to have taken a back seat recently.

My latest make is a black scarf, once again for my daughter.   It is to be used for school.  Her school has a strict uniform policy so it needed to either be green or black.  Since her uniform green is perhaps not the most attractive colour, she chose black. 

The above photo shows my daughter resplendent in her school uniform, modeling her new scarf in a pose that is quite typical of teenagers.


  1. I've recently tried taking up crotcheting. I'm not having much luck. You've done a fine job of your scarf.

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment yesterday. Love the scarf - and that uniform! Exactly the same as the one my girls wear :-)

  3. Very nice scarf, and I am sure she will find a use for it after school hours too. Black is a useful colour to have. My childrens' school uniform code was so strict, any garment that was not part of the official uniform was not allowed. So, no hand knitted goodies allowed, sadly!

  4. Carolyn, up until now, my daughters uniform has been much the same, but it has been unseasonably cold of late even for us so it is good to see that good sense has prevailed.

    Flossy, I had already made the uniform association from reading your back posts.

    Good luck Bernice with the crochet. That is a skill that I learned very young but must admit, I am very much out of practice.


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